"What is the End Goal?"

Episode 5 is here! "What is the End Goal?" is the fifth and final (maybe??) installment in my collaboration with guest Kristen Klehr. In it, we discuss how measuring success can be tricky as a creative entrepreneur. When can you possibly feel like your work is FINISHED? I absolutely love this episode and I hope you check it out!

Episode 5: "What is the End Goal?" - Now on YouTube! https://youtu.be/ecRmc1Nvxkc

Being successful means feeling accomplished in your own right. In Episode 5, Kristen and I talk about what makes us feel successful. We also talk about how making an "End Goal" can be nearly impossible in this ever-changing, always moving forward career path. Innovation never stops.

Do you have any guidelines for measuring success? When do you feel like you've accomplished something--is it an internal feeling, or when someone gives you a compliment on your work?

Meg Kuhar

An endlessly curious creator, Meg can usually be found making something, whether it’s a website, music, or a DIY project for her home. She is the first Assistant Professor of Music Technology at Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music, and lives in her mid-century dream home with her husband Nick, and their handful of a dog Petunia.