Sounds of Hope Project - Strings of Hope

One of my longest client partnerships is with the Sounds of Hope Project, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to "bring comfort and support through recorded music to those in need of spiritual and/or physical healing." I began working with them in 2011, when I would master and edit previously recorded tracks so that their compilation CDs would be more cohesive.

Recently, I was asked to record two ensembles at Royalton Music Center in North Royalton, Ohio. The recordings would be used for SOHP's upcoming CD, "Strings of Hope". I used the new Zoom H6, which is the latest upgrade from the Zoom H4n that I typically use, and the experience was wonderful. First of all... the H6 is amazing.

The clarity of the recordings straight from the device was astounding, but I'll share those details for another day. Just trust me. The H6 is worth the investment.

The ensemble you hear above was from the second day of recording; on the first day, I was treated to a relaxing musical massage from a lovely harp duo, with members Sarah Schwartz and Melanie L. Brown. Here's one of the pieces they performed:

I have to say, I love doing recordings like these. Who wouldn't?!

The second day of recording was definitely my favorite, though, because I can't help but love folk music. Clash of the Tartans, an all-female group who perform Celtic and American folk music, put on a personal concert for me and Mary Lou as they played through some of their repertoire. Enjoy this beautiful song, "Hope Renewed":

This project was one of those times where I am definitely going to be uploading my mixes onto my iPod so I can listen to them for fun. I absolutely loved working with these talented musicians, and look forward to more collaboration with the Sounds of Hope Project!


Meg Kuhar

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