Quick Twitter Tips (Say That 5 Times Fast!)

Learn how to effectively use Twitter to promote your business

In last week's issue of the Creative Technology Newsletter, I shared with you some insights on the differences between Facebook and Twitter. Demographics, reach, and type of content were a few of the topics I covered--but there's so much material that it's difficult to stop there! That's why today I'll be sharing with you a few resources and tips to help you change the way you use Twitter.


Let's start straight at the source. If you haven't already, I recommend checking out Twitter's help resources. They have a great bank of information to sift through! Here are a few articles I suggest:

  1. Getting started with Twitter
  2. What are @replies and mentions?
  3. FAQs about Retweets (RT)
  4. FAQs about following

All of these articles explain the main functions of Twitter in full detail, better than I could, so definitely check them out.


If you don't have the time to read through those articles today, but you still need a bit of advice, I've compiled a list of Quick Twitter Tips to get you started. Say that 5 times fast!


In case you missed it, we also have an article with a sample Twitter post schedule that may help you when creating content. 

What intimidates you the most about Twitter?

Meg Kuhar

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