"How to Think Like a Self-Starter"

If you're trying to start a new independent project and feel like you're missing the motivation, then "How to Think Like a Self-Starter" is for you. Join myself and recurring guest Kristen Klehr in our conversation about key characteristics of go-getters. We talk about common roadblocks, frustrations, and interruptions to life as an entrepreneur--then we will inspire you and fire you up for pursuing that project of yours with full gusto!

Episode 2: "How to Think Like a Self-Starter" on YouTube: http://youtu.be/xWTVN5VVr9Y

Kristen and I will be releasing a total of 5 episodes for my Creative Technology Web Series (3 more to go!), so stay tuned for more insight into the world of entrepreneurship. 

Missed Episode 1? Check out "Beyond the Buzzwords" on the blog.

What are your roadblocks for getting started on your creative project?

Meg Kuhar

An endlessly curious creator, Meg can usually be found making something, whether it’s a website, music, or a DIY project for her home. She is the first Assistant Professor of Music Technology at Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music, and lives in her mid-century dream home with her husband Nick, and their handful of a dog Petunia.