Do you spot a retro heypoletti! shirt?


Welcome to day two of #HeyLaunchWeek! We've officially started the giveaway and have already heard from a lot of you on the heypoletti! Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All of yesterday I helped you choose your own adventure on the new heypoletti! website, so you can learn more about branding your creative project. 

Today we're going to party like it's 2011. Remember this?

In case you missed it back in 2011, these original heypoletti! recordings shirts were THE. BOMB. Everyone loved them and I was always spotting them on Facebook. One person even told me they ran into another heypoletti! shirt wearer at a grocery store outside of the Cleveland area! I think I recall a few "I will wear the sh*t out of that"s and "This shirt is comfy as hell"s to round out the mix.

Well, I want to see those shirts again. Send me your heypoletti! selfies online, or share them on the #heyspotting Instagram hashtag. I'll feature my favorites on our Instagram today!

Don't have an old heypoletti! recordings shirt? I still want to hear from you! Send me your selfies on #heyspotting anyway, and tell me about your creative project. Is it your blog? Your band? The scarf you finally finished knitting? HEY! I want to know about it.

What is your creative project? Share your selfie (with or without the retro t-shirt!) on Instagram and use #heyspotting today. I'll share my favorites on @heypoletti!

Meg Kuhar

An endlessly curious creator, Meg can usually be found making something, whether it’s a website, music, or a DIY project for her home. She is the first Assistant Professor of Music Technology at Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music, and lives in her mid-century dream home with her husband Nick, and their handful of a dog Petunia.