Clean Up Your Podcast with Simple Noise Removal

Even a free Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software program like Audacity has a few tricks up its sleeves. In this video, I show you a simple way to clean up unwanted background noise from your podcast recording. I use this method every time I post a video or podcast, so it comes highly recommended. If you're working with something more complicated like recording music, the noise removal filter has to be worked very, very gently--but with something simple like speech it can be really effective.

Taking steps like these in the editing process creates a more professional product. Your podcast should be the highest quality audio you can possibly achieve, but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult or expensive! Watch the video for your lesson on using Audacity's noise removal filter.

Learn how to use Audacity's noise removal filter to clean up your podcast recordings and create a more professional product. Unwanted background noise be gone!


Meg Kuhar

An endlessly curious creator, Meg can usually be found making something, whether it’s a website, music, or a DIY project for her home. She is the first Assistant Professor of Music Technology at Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music, and lives in her mid-century dream home with her husband Nick, and their handful of a dog Petunia.